Console Repairs

Experienced and Reliable Technicians

High quality console repairsĀ  in Hartlepool, Bishop Auckland and the north east

We service and repair all makes and models of consoles in store from retro to modern consoles whether its a HDMI replacement or a software issue. 

Frustrated by having drift on your controller?
Buttons not working or not charging?
Sick of having to buy a new one?

We can also fix controllers!

Give us a call and book in your console or controller now.


We Also Repair:

  • PlayStation Ps4 and Xbox HDMI repairs.
  • HDMI port replacements 
  • Nintendo switch charging ports
  • Playstation and Xbox Hard drive replacement and upgrade
  • Button replacements
  • Software issues
  • Console power ports or charging ports
  • Triggers not working
  • Drift issues
  • Analogue replacements
  • Console disk drive replacement and repair

We repair all consoles PlayStation 4. PS1, PS2 PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo, Nintendo switch, Atari etc. etc.

PlayStation repairs
Xbox repairs
HDMI port replacements
Nintendo switch charging ports
Hard drive repairs
Hard drive upgrades
Controller Button Replacement
Console Software fix
Power and charging ports
Controller Triggers
Controller Drift issues

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